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India’s rapid economic growth has created an urgent need for a class of scholars, development professionals, administrators and entrepreneurs who can understand government’s policy ecosystem, programs and processes and help solve the most pressing problems. The faculty of Social Sciences deals with a systematized study of society, using macro and micro approaches towards understanding societies; social relationships, institutions, processes, issues, policies, movements; and business organizations thus making the students participative in the society. As humans, it is imperative to engage in critical inquiry and hence deconstruct realities than accepting them as given. An approach to different aspects of life based on a diversity of theoretical perspectives serves to enhance an understanding of life and society. Psychology, Economics, Political Science, History and Sociology constitute the faculty of Social Sciences.

Department of History

The History Department offers a complete range of degree programs at the undergraduate level. Talented and motivated high school students can join our three-year degree program which offers one of the best and most intensive programs of its kind. We offer undergraduate training in the history of the India from the ancient period to the present. The Department has special strengths in history of Punjab and World History . Our courses also focus on the thematic areas of indigeneity, culture, gender, social and political environment.

PG Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science helps to develop the analytical skills necessary to understand contemporary political issues. The curriculum offers in-depth expertise in the comparative politics of the countries with special emphasis on contemporary challenges and covers theoretical conceptual aspects of the discipline. This provides the students with necessary awareness to undertake further specialized studies and research activities.

PG Department of Sociology

The department of sociology provides a forum for the production of intellectual knowledge and exchange of that knowledge traversing across national borders.The department is actively engaged in addressing the social issues in and around the country. We are committed to provide a nuanced teaching programme in the discipline of sociology and let the students understand and intervene in the process of knowledge formulation.

Department of Psychology

Psychology is one of the most popular courses of study among undergraduate and the department offers a number of general and vocational courses to choose from. The curriculum based on theoretical, methodological and contemporary knowledge provides an insight into human behaviour and the societal relevance of psychology. The purpose is to equip the students with knowledge, skills and values to become effective and competent professional psychologist and prepare them for career opportunities in medical and counselling sectors. The students are taken for field visit at mental health centres and counselling cells to acquaint theme with the real life problems. Time to time extended lectures, workshops, seminars and conferences forms a regular phenomenon with us. We are determined to provide not only a theoretical framework but also to change human behavior for the better. The department also takes pride in the fact that our former Head of Department Dr. Jasbir Rishi is serving as the Vice Chancellor of DAV University.

PG Department of Economics

The department of Economics, one of the foremost departments, offers MA Economics, BSc Economics, BA (Honours) with Economics, Economics and Quantitative Techniques as elective subjects in BA. It has also been catering to students of various disciplines by imparting deeper knowledge of subject at graduation and post graduation level. Apart from effectivecurriculum delivery, Planning Forum, thesubject society of department has also made sincere efforts to impart theimportance and application of economicsin real world to students in diverse avenues by organizing several conferences, workshops, seminars, competitionsetc . Students are also initiated into research by providing guidance and practical exposure of data collection through surveys and its analysis and by motivating them for writing research papers and articles. Faculty members of department have also been actively involved in publication, faculty development programmes, orientation programmes, seminars, conferences along with serving the institution in various areas with full involvement, dedication and commitment.

PG Department of Mass Communication & Video Production

Mass Communication is the study of spreading information to a large audience through the various means of communication. Journalism is the activity of writing about recent developments for newspapers, magazines etc. It has enveloped reporting done through radio and television. With this thing in mind and Jalandhar being the media hub, the Department of Mass Communication and Video Production was established in the year 2002. Only graduation level courses were started at that time, but now it is a Post Graduate department offering lots of courses at Post-Graduation, Graduation and Diploma level. The department is equipped with latest cameras, recording equipment. The department is having its own Radio “RADIO AWAAZ” which is managed by the students. It was launched as campus radio in 2018 but soon the department is going to upgrade it on Podcast.


B.A. / B.Sc. (Economics)


B.A. with Hons.

• Journalism and Mass Communication (as Vocational Course)

• Mass Communication and Video Production (as Vocational Course )

• Economics

• Political Science

• Psychology

B.Voc (Journalism and Media)

Postgraduate Level


• Political Science

• Journalism & Mass Communication




• Diploma in Counseling

• Diploma in Journalism and Media


Department of History

Name of the Teacher Qualifications Designation Area of Specialisation Experience Contact
Mrs. Protima Mander MA. (Hist.), NET, M.A. Public Admn Assistant Professor Indian History 10 Yrs. protimahsingh@gmail.com

PG Department of Political Science

Name of the Teacher Qualifications Designation Area of Specialisation Experience Contact
Mrs. Alka M.A., NET, M.Phil., Assistant Professor International politics 10 Yrs 21alkasharmabhardwaj28@gmail.com
Dr. (Mrs.) Jiwan Devi M.A., NET, M.Phil., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Indian Politics 06 Yrs jiwannegi84@yahoo.com

PG Department of Sociology

Name of the Teacher Qualifications Designation Area of Specialisation Experience Contact
Dr. Baljinder Singh M.A., M.Phil., NET, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Youth and Society 03 Yrs. 4 Mths Baljinder6jan@gmail.com

Department of Psychology

Name of the Teacher Qualifications Designation Area of Specialisation Experience Contact
Dr. (Mrs.) Ashmeen Kaur B.A. (Hons.),M.A.,NET, PGD in Counselling Psy., Ph.D. Associate Professor Positive Psychology and Counseling 20 Yrs. ashmeen1975@yahoo.co.in

Guest Faculty

  Name of the Teacher
Dr Jasbir Rishi

PG Department of Economics

Name of the Teacher Qualifications Designation Area of Specialisation Experience Contact
Dr. Shallu Batra M.A. (Gold Medalist), NET, M.Phil.(Gold Medalist),Ph.D. Assistant Professor Statistical Analysis, Development Economics, Micro Economics 20 Yrs shallubatra@gmail.com
Mrs. Chandrika M.A. NET Associate Professor Micro Economics 22 Yrs. sharmachandrika@aol.com
Mrs. Jyotika Minhas M.A., NET Assistant Professor Macro Economics and Economic Development 22 Yrs. kdhariti@gmail.com
Ms. Harmanu Paul M.A, NET, PGDCA, M.Phil Assistant Professor Business Statistics 15 Yrs. hmanupaul@gmail.com

Department of Mass Communication & Video Production

Name of the Teacher Qualifications Designation Area of Specialisation Experience Contact
Mrs. Rama Sharma MJMC, MDBA, NET Assistant Professor Newspapers, Reporting, Advertising, Public Relations 16 Yrs. sukhgirl26@gmail.com


•  Political Science Forum
•  Gandhian Study Centre
•  Legal Literacy Club
•  Adult Education Society
•  Mahatama Hans RAJ Samvedna Samiti
•  Planning Forum
•  Creative Lens Society


Celebrated Independence Day
Organized Voters Awareness Rally
Organized two day Legal Awareness Programme
The Adult Education Society and Legal Literacy Society organized a Motivational Lecture on the topic Importance of Education