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Admission begins on the very next day of the declaration of result of the previous class, however, to ensure the seats the registration can be done even before the declaration of the result.

• Admission to all classes on merit and first-come-first-served basis.

• Admission form to be signed by Parent/Guardian.

• Students seeking migration from other universities to GNDU will have to fill the eligibility form.

• Foreign students must secure a 'Student Visa' and fulfil requisite requirements of respective embassies; they will also have to produce the 'Recognition Letter' issued by Association of Indian universities, Kotla Marg, New Delhi.

• Admission to the college is subject to the approval of GNDU.

Documents required at the time of admission

• Original Certificates and marks sheets.

• Copy of the Aadhaar Card.

• Original Date of Birth Certificate.

• Character certificate from the Head of Institution last attended. (for new students)

• Registration Card.

• Official certificate of category like SC/BC and Punjab Domicile.

• All the supporting certificates from competent authorities in case of SC/BC/ST and low income groups.

• Original Migration & Eligibility Certificates.

• Passport size photographs

Dates of admission

Starting w.e.f. August 4, 2022

Regular Teaching Starts w.e.f. August 8, 2022

Rules for Basic Punjabi & Format

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COVID 19 Protocol

Preventive measures to be taken to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)


• To maintain personal hygiene and physical distancing.

• To practice frequent hand washing. Wash hands with soap and water or use alcohol- based hand rub.

• Wash hands even if they are visibly clean.

• To cover your nose and mouth with handkerchief/tissue while sneezing and coughing.

• To throw used tissues into closed bins immediately after use.

• To maintain a safe distance from persons during interaction, especially with those having flu-like symptoms.


• Shake hands.

• Have a close contact with anyone, if you're experiencing cough and fever.

• Touch your eyes, nose and mouth.

• Sneeze or cough into palms of your hands.

• Spit in Public.

• Travel unnecessarily, particularly to any affected region.

• Participate in large gatherings, including sitting in groups at canteens.

• Visit gyms, clubs and crowded places etc.

• Spread rumours or panic.