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Latest Achievements

International Players

Simranpreet Kaur represented Indian Judo Team in World School Judo Games held at Turkey.

Ritu Vinayak got position in top sixteen in Indian Badminton Ranking and participated in Sayed Modi International Badminton Tournament.

Monika Saprai participated in World Street Football Festival held at Lyon, France.

Simran Dhiman participated in Third Youth Rural Indo-Nepal Badminton Games held at Nepal.

Brilliant Performance in Nationals

SR #
1. Arshdeep Kabaddi Women National Sports Festival First Position
2. Sumandeep -do- -do-
3. Amanpreet -do- -do-
4. Harwinder -do- -do-
5. Malika Handa Chess National (Deaf) Championship -do-
6. Sarbjit Kaur Sr. National Tug of War Championship -do-
7. Sameena -do- -do-
8. Amanpreet -do- -do-
9. Tanha Tuli Sr. National Netball Championship Third
10. Harpreet Kaur -do- -do-
11. Pooja Sr. National Judo Championship Participation
12. Kulwinder Jr. National Judo Championship -do-
13. Ritu Vinayak Badminton Women National Sports Fest. -do-
14. Priyanka Sr. National Softball Championship -do-
15. Nutan -do- -do-
16. Maniksha -do- -do-
17. Kamini -do- -do-
18. Suman -do- -do-
19. Kulwinder Kho-Kho Women National Sports Festival -do-
20. Shivangi Swimming Women National Sports Festival -do-
21. Sapna Tiwari Athletics Women National Sports Festival -do-
22. Shivani -do- -do-
23. Navjot Kaur -do- -do-
24. Gurleen Kaur U-20 Athletics National Championship -do-
25. Reena Rani Sr. National Football Championship -do-
26. Suman Rani -do- -do-
27. Navjot Rani -do- -do-
28. Pooja Rani -do- -do-
29. Harmanjot -do- -do-
30. Rajpreet -do- -do-
31. Beant Kaur -do- -do-
32. Jagdeep Kaur -do- -do-
33. Neha Rani -do- -do-
34. Manpreet Kaur -do- -do-
35. Pooja Bhatti Jr. National Basketball Championship -do-
36. Arshpreet -do- -do-
37. Sharanjeet kaur Jr.national wrestling championship -do-
38. Sandeep kaur Sr.national wrewstling championship -do-
39. Kulwinder kaur -do- -do-
40. Preeeti -do- -do-
41. Harjit kaur -do- -do-
42. Navjit kaur -do- -do-
43. Gagandeep kaur -do- -do-

North Zone Inter University Tournaments

SR #
1. Harwinder Kabaddi Participation
2. Harpreet -do- -do-
3. Sumandeep -do- -do-
4. Arshdeep -do- -do-
5. Kiranpal -do- -do-
6. Amanpreet -do- -do-
7. Manisha Kho-Kho -do-
8. Sandeep -do- -do-
9. Kulwinder -do- -do-
10. Hasandeep -do- -do-
11. Swati Joshi -do- -do-
12. Ritu Vinayak Badminton -do-
13. Radhika Basketball -do-
14. Harpreet -do- -do-
15. Neha Rani Football -do-
16. Beant Kaur -do- -do-
17. Harmanjot -do- -do-
18. Suman Rani -do- -do-
19. Jagdeep -do- -do-