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The General Rules and Regulations

Code of Conduct

• The student must always carry the I card

• Read Notice Board daily

Use of Mobile phone is prohibited in academic areas

• Student cannot leave the campus before the 6th period

• Student must maintain swachhata in college

• Be humble with the office staff

• Be polite to juniors and respectful to seniors

• Make extensive use of the library

• Not deface college property

• Park the vehicles in the parking space only

Rules for Attendance & Examination

75% of the attendance is mandatory according to university norms.

In case of shortage, the student will be detained.

Appearing in-house tests & scoring 25% marks in aggregate is mandatory. In case of a medical emergency the student has to get her to leave sanctioned as per rules.

Rules for Leave

Leave must be applied for on the prescribed form available at the College Utility Store/General Office.

Medical leave to be applied within three days of joining the college after getting verified by the College Doctor.

Rules for Prizes

Awards will be given to the students who:

Secure first position in aggregate in University.

First position in aggregate in college in University exam

General Prizes

Best Student of the Year

Best Student of Arts & B.Sc. Eco. Faculty

Best Student of Commerce at UG Level

Best Student of Commerce at PG Level

Best Student of Science at UG Level

Best Student of Science at PG Level

Best Student of Computer Department

Best Student of Music Vocal at UG Level

Best Student of Music Vocal at PG Level

Best Student at PG Level

Best NCC Cadet of the Year

Best NSS Volunteer of the Year

Best Speaker

Best Student in Dancing

Best Student in Acting

Best Student of Youth Welfare Department

Best Student Parti ci pant of Youth Wel f are Activities

Best Student of Fine Arts

Best Table Tennis Player

Cent. % marks in University exam

Cent. % attendance

If a student absents herself from the college without leave for ten days continuously, her the name will be struck off from the college rolls. She may be re-admitted on payment of Rs.2000/- up to ten days and Rs.5000/- up to thirty days.